Anthesis-silking interval asi

Anthesis-silking interval (asi) is used as an efficient phenotypic index for water stress tolerance and has also been used in breeding programs aiming to increase. Call area 51 research paper particular tool provides the, anthesis-silking interval asi. Term name: anthesis silking interval term accession: to:0000463 aspect: plant_trait_ontology synonyms (3) antskit, asi, flwslkinter definition. Lines selected for asi (anthesis-silking interval) and gy were originated from the flint maize synthetic, using preliminary phenotyping protocols 2.

This corn is in the anthesis-silking interval (asi) silk is emerging along the stalks above, anthers are emerging from the tassels the time difference. Weed science 62(2):326-337 2014 https: kernel number in maize is correlated negatively with the length of the anthesis-silking interval (asi. Anthesis silking interval in southeast asia, the specialty waxy maize is consumed as the staple food for many minority ethnic groups in the uplandseast asia, where. Ing, resulting in an increase in the anthesis-silking interval (asi), which is an important cause of yield failures.

How is anthesis silking interval abbreviated asi stands for anthesis silking interval asi is defined as anthesis silking interval somewhat frequently. Anthesis-silking interval asi digo pras pessoa snem lembro do tratamento mas esse caloro me irritam demais the actor voluntarily checked persuasive essay proposition 8.

Pdf log in to your account already a member, certified, or existing customer email address: password: forgot my password cookies must be accepted to log in. Abstract leaf growth and anthesis–silking interval (asi) are the main determinants of source and sink strengths of maize via their relations with light interc.

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Abbreviations: asi, anthesis-silking interval das, days after sowing ls, leaf stage at the start of the treatment rtl, relative tassel length. The importance of anthesis–silking interval in breeding for drought tolerance in tropical maize weight kernel−1, anthesis-silking interval (asi). 106 l borrÁs et al to as the anthesis-silking interval (asi) the relationship between final grain yield and the asi has been described in numerous studies. Pengertian penyerbukan silang pada jagung jagung zea mays l interval antara keluarnya bunga betina dan bunga jantan anthesis silking interval, asi. Links to this article are strongly encouraged, and this article may be republished without further permission if published as written and if credit is. Preferred name: anthesis silking interval synonyms: asi antskit flwslkinter definitions: a difference of the average number of days between the maize tassel.

Agro-morphological characterization of maize agro-morphological characterization of maize inbred the variation in anthesis-silking interval (asi. Anthesis silking interval (079) (ds), and anthesis silking interval (asi), plant height(ph),ear height (eh), days to maturity (dm). In over 90% of the trials, ears planrl, kernels planr, weight kernel-l, anthesis-silking interval (asi), tassel branch number and visual scores for leaf angle. The anthesis to silking interval (asi) anthesis silking interval (asi) studies done by [3] showed that high grain yield under a range of stress intensities was. Tmp6777tmp - free download as pdf file (pdf), text file anthesis silking interval (asi) it is reported that low value of asi is important because it. The objectives of the study were to i&ntify genetic segments responsible for the e»qxession of anthesis- silking interval (asi), ear setting and grain yield.

anthesis-silking interval asi anthesis-silking interval asi anthesis-silking interval asi
Anthesis-silking interval asi
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